Get Verum Coin by playing Verum Runner

Run through the city streets in Verum Runner, an exciting endless runner where you collect Verum coin

Verum Runner

What Makes Verum Runner the Right Choice?

Experience the benefits of Verum Runner

Verum VPNEndless Runner
Verum VPNAwesome Gameplay
Verum VPNGain real Verum Coin
Verum VPNBy BitCoinPay Trade

Gather Verum Coin

Travel through the city streets, dodging obstacles and collecting the V coin.

Test your reflexes and agility to overcome the impressive milestone of 1000 coins in one race to get Verum Coin.

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Verum Runner

Convert V coins to real Verum Coin

Collect 1000 V coins in one run to get real Verum Coin.

Once you have 1000 V Coins, you will have the choice of converting them to Verum or playing again and trying to get another 1000 V Coins. The number of V Coins you can have is limitless!

Verum Runner

Download Verum Runner

Experience gameplay of Verum Runner

Verum RunnerEndless RunnerRun through the city streets until you collect the required number of coins.
Verum RunnerGet Verum CoinCollect 1000 V coins to exchange them for Verum Coin.
Verum RunnerBy BitCoinPay TradeDeveloped by BitCoinPay Trade crypto exchange
Verum RunnerAwesome GameplayRun, dodge obstacles, collect V coins.
Verum Runner

Developed by BitCoinPay Trade

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